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Curved stairs come in a variety of configurations and it’s unusual to find two the same. Thankfully we use a modular rail system that comprises straight sections of track and a full suite of bends enabling us to construct a bespoke curved stairlift on site in a fraction of the time of other systems.

Our rails system offers a smooth and quiet ride and our range of curved stairlifts can accommodate even the most complex of stair layouts. With automatic levelling and automatic speed control the user is assured of a safe passage each time. We believe that the modular rail shown in the picture on the left is far superior and more pleasing to the eye than the old twin rail system used by Stannah and Handicare (Minivator).We only use Acorn 80 or Brooks 80 curved stairlifts with a single mono rail.

In addition, our curved stairlifts have built in obstruction detection. A range of sensors will immediately stop the carriage in the event that something is in the way of the stairlift preventing damage or injury.


When not in use, our stairlifts fold neatly away in seconds allowing unrestricted staircase use for others.As with all our stairlifts you can expect the following features:

  • Automatic battery backup in case of power Neat looking single slimline rail
  • Easy to use controls
  • Remote controls to call or send the stairlift ( Ideal for multiple users)
  • Low voltage operation to prevent accidental shock
  • Installation into the stair treads to avoid fixing to walls
  • Soft start and stop for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Available for staircases with both 90 and 180 degree bends
  •  90 and 180 degree top and bottom parking wraps
  • Internal and external bends
  • Powered hinged tracks (For over doorways)


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