What is the safe working load or the maximum weight a stairlift can take?

The maximum weight for a straight stairlift is 158.7 kg (25 stone).
And for a curved stairlift it is 120kg (18 stone).

My stairs are narrow, do stairlifts fold away?

Yes all stairlifts should fold away to give clear access to the stairs for people who are able to walk up and down the stairs.The seat,arms and footrest fold up neatly when not in use either at the top or bottom of the stairs.

Are stairlifts safe?

Yes stairlifts are very safe and have many safety features to give you peace of mind such as obstruction sensors which automatically stop the stairlift if needed. Our stairlifts run low voltage. Obviously when considering purchasing a stairlift only use a company that is fully qualified and authorised.This is extremely important as over the years there have been numerous fatalities caused by incompetent engineers either installing or repairing stairlifts incorrectly.

Can I have a remote control to send the stairlift either up to the top or down to the bottom for other users to use?

Yes all of our stairlifts come with either two remote controls or two wired wall boxes which are needed if there are two people in the home that use the stairlift.

How much does a stairlift cost?

Our prices start from £400.00 for a straight stairlift and £2,500.00 for a curved stairlift,the reason that curved stairlifts cost considerably more is because the tracks are bespoke to your staircase type.

Will my stairlift work in the event of a power cut?

Yes your stairlift will work in the event of a power cut or if your electric has to be turned off due to repairs etc. Modern stairlifts use batteries to power the stairlift and charge automatically when the stairlift is not being used.

Can I rent a stairlift?

Yes we offer a stairlift rental service which consists of a deposit of £200.00 for the installation followed by a £10.00 per week rental charge.

Do you repair stairlifts?

Yes we repair, service, remove and re-fit stairlifts and also provide a 365 days a year 24 hour breakdown service.We also provide several different types of stairlift maintenance contracts.

Do you refit stairlifts?

Yes, if you need to have a new carpet fitted or are moving house then we are happy to remove and refit your stairlift or even store it for you for a period of time until you are ready to have it reinstalled.

Do you buy stairlifts?

Yes we do, we buy unwanted stairlifts and remove them safely with no fuss. Click here to find out more about stairlift removal

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