how much are stairlifts?Stairs are rarely standard. Straight stairs aren’t too dissimilar although they can differ in number of treads and also in the size of the treads and risers. Fitting a Stairlift to straight set of stairs is an easier job than fitting a Stairlift to a curved staircase and obviously the cost is more for a curved Stairlift generally.

It’s not only the stairs that we need to consider when installing a stairlift, in addition to providing power to the lift we also need to consider embarking and disembarking and also we need to ensure that the staircase can still be used by others.

We take the time to discuss the options with you on survey. We can advise you of the best configurations so that you get the most out of your stairlift.

Our stairlifts start at £400 and represent tremendous value. We only use Brooks, Bison and Acorn stairlifts as they are the market leaders and we are confident in them providing safe and reliable service. Contact us to discuss your requirements, We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

When purchasing a stairlift certain factors need to be taken into consideration before you buy.For example the user may have a severe disability that would make it difficult for them to use a stairlift and that is why we supply stairlifts with optional features like powered swivel seats for people who may have hip problems and perched stairlifts that you stand on if you are unable to sit or have trouble getting up from a sedatory position. The cost of these optional extras differ in price but the client will be made aware via a written no obligation quote when the home survey has been carried out.

Obviously any stairlift that has an optional feature will cost more than a standard model and prices for these optionals will be given when a free home survey has been scheduled at your home.


  • Powered swivel seats
  • Powered footrests
  • Powered and Manual hinged tracks
  • Perched seats
  • Sit and stand seats
  • 25 stone (158.7kg) heavy duty models


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