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With us being based in St Helens we are ideally centrally located to easily reach all areas in the North West of England and that obviously includes Liverpool and The Wirral and also the surrounding areas like Widnes, Chester and Skelmersdale.

With prices starting from as little as £400.00 for a straight stairlift with 12 months warranty and £2,500.00 for a curved stairlift with 12 months warranty these are unbeatable offers that really do have to be seen to be believed.

Here at Albion Stairlifts we only supply the most reliable and pleasing to the eye British made stairlifts which are Acorn, Brooks and Bison which are all the same company controlled primarily by Acorn who are now the number one Stairlift company in the world.

If you are considering  having a Stairlift installed either for yourself or a family relative or friend call us first to arrange for a free no obligation home site survey, which will be carried out by one of our fully qualified Stairlift engineers and not by a Sales representative.

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Stairlifts in St Helens

  With us being based in St Helens we think that it is important for a company who deals with vulnerable people should sign up to a local authority Trader Register scheme, and that is why we wholeheartedly back the St Helens Trader Register and we have been members of this organisation since 2011.What the Trader register gives is an assurance that when you use a company who are registered with the scheme they have demonstrated their commitment to:

Providing good customer service.
Abiding by the Trader Register code of Practice.
Honest and Fair Trading

The way this scheme works is quite simple, if you use a trader who are on the register after the work has been completed you fill out a form giving your opinion on how you think the trader conducted themselves.The trader then sends the form to the Trader Register who then post the results of the feedback form onto their website.

The customer is then automatically registered onto the scheme and at any time in the future can contact the register to complain if the company does not abide by the Trader Register Code of Practice. For example if you have a Stairlift installed in your home and [...]

“Exclusive Offer” Brand New Cheap Curved Stairlifts at Reconditioned prices!

Here at Albion Stairlifts we currently have an amazing offer for a limited time only on our New Brooks 80 one and two bend curved Stairlifts.

A saving of over a £1,000 plus can be made when you purchase a brand new curved Stairlift from us with prices starting as low as £2,750 which includes a full twelve month warranty covering parts and labour.

Usually brand new curved stairlifts cost from £3,800 to £7,000 but we have managed to secure a one off deal with the manufacturer “Acorn Stairlifts” to supply brand new units at a fraction of the normal selling price.

This offer to supply and install brand new curved stairlifts at the starting price of £2,750 are currently the cheapest anywhere in the UK for the latest model Brooks 80 and we are looking to run this exclusive deal until the end of May 2014 so hurry and order your’s before the end of the deadline.

Included in the price will be a free home site survey which are always carried out by one of our fully qualified Stairlift Engineers and not by a sales representative.

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Cheap Stairlifts

Sometimes budgets can be tight and here at Albion Stairlifts we understand this, in fact, this is the reason that we introduced our pay weekly promotion.
The Cheapest Starlifts In The UK
We have what we believe to be the cheapest stairlift deal in the UK. We supply fully reconditioned stairlifts for just £10 per week.

As with all rental stairlifts there is a one off installation fee and we have kept this fee down to an unbelievable £200 and furthermore during the rental period you are covered for parts and labour.

Even if you prefer to buy a reconditioned stairlift outright,for a meagre £400 you can have one installed in your home with a full 12 months warranty covering parts and labour within a couple of days.




Pay Weekly Stairlifts

Here at Albion stairlifts we realise that sometimes a stairlift is needed for a relatively short period. We also realise that with the financial pressures of todays world, it’s often more convenient for people to pay a rental rather than make a capital investment.
Stairlift Rental
We’ve introduced a stairlift rental offer. This is proving popular as it gives you all the benefits of a lift without the initial outlay. Depending on the type of lift you need we may be able to offer you a stairlift from as little as £10 per week. There is a small deposit to pay to cover installation and the rental is for a minimum period.

We offer Stairlift rental in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

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How Much Does A Stairlift Cost?

Stairs are rarely standard. Straight stairs aren’t too dissimilar although they can differ in number of treads and also in the size of the treads and risers. Fitting a Stairlift to straight set of stairs is an easier job than fitting a Stairlift to a curved staircase and obviously the cost is more for a curved Stairlift generally.

It’s not only the stairs that we need to consider when installing a stairlift, in addition to providing power to the lift we also need to consider embarking and disembarking and also we need to ensure that the staircase can still be used by others.

We take the time to discuss the options with you on survey. We can advise you of the best configurations so that you get the most out of your stairlift.

Our stairlifts start at £400 and represent tremendous value. We only use Brooks, Bison and Acorn stairlifts as they are the market leaders and we are confident in them providing safe and reliable service. Contact us to discuss your requirements, We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

When purchasing a stairlift certain factors need to be taken into consideration before you buy.For example the user [...]