Used Stairlifts

Reconditioned Stairlifts St Helens MerseysideReconditioned stairlifts, often referred to as used stairlifts are ideal when staying within a tight budget. Very often a used stairlift is quite new and with little use. All parts are cleaned and checked and replaced where necessary and all reconditioned stairlifts come with our standard warranty. Our reconditioned stairlifts are safety checked and installed to manufacturers guidelines, a much safer option than buying an unchecked second hand stairlift privately. We always have a good selection of reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts in stock ranging from the popular Acorn Slimline, the Brooks Slimline,the Acorn and Brooks Superglide with prices starting from as little as £500.Our curved stairlift prices start from £2500 for either a Acorn 80 or Brooks 80 with a 90 degree bend,or £2800 for a 180 degree bend.

Acorn slimline parked at top     Acorn ebay

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Stairlift Rental

We offer a straight stairlift rental service throughout the UK. Renting a stairlift removes the worry of a lump sum payment and is ideal for short term use such as people recovering from injury or surgery.Unfortunately at the present time we no longer supply Rental Stairlifts until we receive the relevant license.

Stairlift Breakdown and Repairs

We carry spares for many types of stairlifts and are able to diagnose and repair most faults on stairlifts quickly and in certain instances we can actually get your stairlift working again over the phone free of charge! We also offer a 24 hour 365 days a year breakdown service covered by a network of qualified Stairlift engineers throughout the UK.

Albion Stairlift Accreditations