We Buy Used Stairlifts

Do you have a stairlift that is currently not being used and is taking up valuable space on your staircase,or are you moving house and no longer need a stairlift at your new home. Why not recycle your stairlift for cash, it is easy just contact us to make an appointment for one of our engineers to call at your home to assess your stairlift and give you a price.

We pay cash for both Acorn and Brooks straight and curved stairlifts only, and prices will differ depending on where the Stairlift is located in the UK.

How Much Is My Stairlift Worth?

We at Albion Stairlifts are often asked “What is my stairlift worth?” As you may already know, there are many different makes and models of stairlifts and in addition there are straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. The price we are able to offer is dependant on age, condition, model and type but you can rest in the knowledge that we do pay the best prices for used or unwanted stairlifts and we remove stairlifts anywhere in the UK.

Is It Easy To Have My Stairlift Removed?

Albion Stairlifts are authorised installers of major brand stairlifts and with over 24 years hands on experience of the removal of stairlifts you can be rest assured that the stairlift will be dismantled and removed safely from your home leaving no unsightly mess or damage.

Stairlift removals take around 30 minutes to complete. After the removal you will be paid in cash for the amount agreed by both parties and left with a signed sheet showing proof of the removal and the amount of cash paid for your stairlift.

So if you are looking to sell a stairlift and cannot be bothered with time wasters or the effort it would take to remove it yourself  just contact the professionals and let us do the rest.It would help to speed up the whole process if you can include the make, model and serial number of the Stairlift and also where it is located in the UK when replying via the contact form.

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